Customers are more tech-savvy than ever, and so much of the reason why e-commerce businesses are crushing it is because shoppers are increasingly comfortable in a digital world. In order to survive, brick-and-mortar retailers must start incorporating digital elements into the in-person shopping experience. “Many innovative online retailers, like DollarStore believe the future of retail is the intersection of ecommerce and brick-and-mortar and thus empowering millions of mom-and-pop store owners by partnering with them

How to adapt and make changes in order to keep your business growing. Some of these elements include the following.

Business Membership Package – $500 One Time Charge +$100 Monthly Membership Fee

  • A Unique Business Model- Ownership of a “Turn-Key” online DollarStore operation with a customized name and hosting on a secured server
  • Use of DollarStore Brand name, Trade Name and Logo- Established 1996
  • A shopping platform with complete Pick Pack and Ship operation with payment gateway Built in
  • Acquisition of an asset with another source of revenue and earnings of 20% of the total sales.
  • Control of your asset Sell It, Transfer It or Will It
  • Search engine Optimization of the online operation and Brick and Mortar operation with keyword phrases which include targeted Campaigns
  • Build Value proposition and goodwill in both Online operation and Brick and Mortar operation.
  • Sell to all 50 States in USA
  • Cross marketing promoting in both Brick and Mortar and Online DollarStore operation. Send coupons and other sales information directly to your Customers’ smartphone
  • Special Offering and Sourcing for Products – Exclusive use of Wholesale site with over 30,000 products
  • Participation in Opportunities Buying Program and Closeouts
  • Very Affordable Solution- Total Cost $500 – Limited time offering
  • Membership in an Exclusive club – $100 a month
  • Participation in an online Forum with Regular Zoom Meeting

Who can profit from our services?

Independent Store Owners, Mom and Pop Stores, Brick and Mortar Stores, Dollar Stores, Party Stores, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores, Beauty Salons, Boutiques, Apparel Stores, Liquor Stores, Gift Stores and any Small Business including Repair Shops, Auto Mechanics, Restaurants and  Online businesses