Boost value of your Crypto Currency with Intrinsic Utility developed by DollarStore

DollarStore has created a novel utilization for Crypto Currency, where currency is not just a mean for transfer of value or store of value but exchanging currency for things of value.

Our mission is to create a Reward and Loyalty Platform that will permeate the Crypto Currency of all shapes and sized and connect them with their customers by virtue of their tokens thus increasing the value of token.

Partnership with DollarStore

Established in 1996, is the one of the world’s largest and most complete online sources of general merchandisefor the Retail and Wholesale industry both domestically and internationally. is offering an online shopping platform in the USA for fast moving consumable goods (FMCG) that allow use of any Currency or Token to create their own storefront for example or, where their Currency is mode of transaction for buying consumables.

DollarStore Ownership will give 10% discount to any member who purchase a Turnkey DollarStore – A Stand-Alone Sustainable business with Lifetime Ownership, Custom Domain, Secure Hosting, Complete Order Fulfillment, Merchant Payment Gateway, SEO Keyword Optimization, Crypto Currency Utilization, Press ​Release and Custom Mobile App. A value builder asset which can be sold, transferred, or willed to the heirs.

Reward and Loyalty Platform

DollarStore has created a Reward and Loyalty platform that will allow their store owners to connect with their customers by using Reward and Loyalty Points (tied to their Crypto Currency). Shoppers receive their rewards in token for their purchases which can be redeemed or cashed out. There are Community benefits when the ecosystem grow.

Widen boundaries

When consumers use Crypto Currency to buy products in online Dollar Stores, Sales Volume and transactions are automatically added on to the Blockchain. This causes the currency value to go up organically. By using currency to buy the products in DollarStore sales volume will go up and transactions being on blockchain the currency value goes up organically.


DollarStore is looking to make Crypto Currency being adopted by Millions of consumers around the world. We believe that e-Commerce is the only way to make virtual currency’s original promise: an instant, affordable, and borderless means of payment for the consumers and Business owners alike

About the Author: Posted by: Rex Mehta, An ecommerce pioneer in Dollar Store industry since 1996 has created a Turnkey dropship online DollarStore business operation for entrepreneurs