Dollar Tree Franchise vs. DollarStore Licensing Program- Which One is Suitable for You?

If you’re thinking of owning a DollarStore franchise then this guide is for you. Dollar stores are a proven and marketable business model that can surely increase your earnings and help you generate great wealth. Plus, every consumer loves to shop while saving money given today’s economic situation. With products priced at $1 or less, consumers get too excited at the amazingly cheap deals available at dollar stores that they end up getting more than they planned.

Dollar Tree franchise vs. DollarStore Licensing Program – which one is more suitable for you? After reading this guide, you’ll be able to easily decide which option you should go with. First, let’s get to own a Dollar Tree Franchise.

Dollar Tree Franchise

The Dollar Tree Franchise is the market leader for single-price-point dollar stores, spread across 48 states within the USA. It has over 14,835 stores in the USA and is expanding continuously. However, this franchise opportunity is not only restricted to the USA alone but also has a division in Canada. The franchise operates in the retail industry selling cleaning supplies, books, seasonal decor, health and beauty products, toys, houseware items, and much more. All these amazing merchandise are sold for under $1. 

The size of a Dollar Tree franchise influences how much you’ll need to invest in franchise fees and the total investment costs. The larger the franchise size, the large investment you’ll have to make. To own a Dollar Tree franchise, you’ve to pay a prospective franchise fee within the range of $20,000 to $30,000. And to stock the franchise you’ll need a total investment of $25,000 to $300,000, which will cover leasing of the store location and other ongoing management costs. 

There are also ongoing royalties involved, that you’ll have to pay from time to time. These royalties are usually disclosed in the franchise agreement present by the franchisor. Also, your location will also play a huge role in your total investment, that’s why you should contact the franchisor before doing any planning. After this much investment, you can make a minimum of $60,000 per year, if you run your franchise effectively.

Now if you don’t have this kind of resources and cash laying around for investment, then don’t need to disappoint. There is an opportunity for you as well.

DollarStore Licensing Program

We believe owning a dollar store should have to be an easy process without having to invest large sums of money in inventory and other costs. That’s why we offer DollarStore licensing program which needs no leasing process, no physical location, nothing to worry about merchandises, and no hidden royalties you’ve to pay. Just sign up and start your store at $997 only. Yes, it is that simple. 

Of course, it also offers advanced plans, but they don’t cost much like owning a physical dollar store. And these plans include a personalized domain, secure hosting, thousands of merchandise already available to stock up your store, merchant gateway, SEO and social media ads, turnkey dollar store operation, and pick, pack, ship services — all-in-all, total control of your store. It will give you the look and the feel of a large physical franchise without having to invest large sums of your hard-earned money. 

Plus, you can join DollarStore Business Membership by paying a $500 fee (one time) and get on-going training and support from the experts. It will definitely help you out in extending your profits and optimizing the efficiency of your operation. 

So if you have ever dreamed about running your own business? DollarStore Licensing Program is everything you need to operate a profitable business online without investing much.


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