When you choose to become an owner of an online DollarStore, you become an integral part of an industry leading, world-wide network of successful retail store entrepreneurs. Explore the many advantages of becoming an online DollarStore owner.

Q. Is DollarStore a franchise?

A. DollarStore is not a franchise and we do not charge franchise fee or royalty fees. You pay a one time set up charge and you receive the same support and benefits of a franchise, but you own your own store.

Q. I have no experience in this Industry or any Retail Industry.

A. For over 20 years, DollarStore has been developing successful brick and mortar stores all over around the world. DollarStore has opened over 1,000 stores located throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. We know what you need to be successful, and we will give you the start you are looking for.

Q. What is the set-up charges (cost, fee or investment) for owning an online DollarStore?

A. You can own your piece of an $87 Billion Dollar industry for as little as $4,995. own multimillion-dollar online DollarStore starting at $4,995. Price is subject to change without notice.

Q. What about the recurring charges?

A. There is are no recurring charges and the advertising fee is permanently waived for the first 100 Online DollarStore owners. Thereafter, a co-op There will be Advertising Fee for in the amount of $100/mo. will be applied. from onward after 100 Dollar Stores

Q. What do I get for $4,995 one time set up charges?

A. DollarStore will deliver a “Soup to Nuts” or “A to Z” (I prefer A to Z) Turnkey retail online store within 24 hours (is this accurate given payment needs to clear first)? and you will receive a  Personalized DollarStore Owner Certificate.

Q. What is included in my "Turnkey" Drop Ship operation?

  • DollarStore Brand name, Trade Name and Logo- Established 1996. (What does this mean)?
  • Registration and exclusive use of specific domain name. i.e. Name.DollarStore.com
  • Design of your own Name. Dollarstore.com of your DollarStore - 24/7 Web-based Site.
  • Hosting of your own Name. Dollarstore.com of your DollarStore site on a secured server.
  • Exclusive use of our wholesale site with 30,000 products (What does this mean)?
  • A working product catalog 0f of 3500+FMCG with merchandise mix from both international and US made items.
  • Complete Pick Pack and Ship warehouse operation with payment Gateway and built in customer service, including returns/exchanges and accounting.
  • Access to your back end with full reporting of your monthly sales and customer data.

Q. Who will help me after my store is established?

All of our owners will receive professional marketing training by remote means. You will also always have access to an Account Manager who will provide you with continued support. Our consultant will help you with the optimization of your site for $1-$2-$3 pricing, SEO keyword phrases, Social Media optimization, targeting specific consumers, listing on a Community Directory Site and with a Loyalty Rewarding Program (Do we still offer this)?

Q. How do I figure out return on my investment?

There are no guarantees on ROI or profit earnings of a DollarStore. DollarStore makes no guarantees regarding ROI or earnings of your online DollarStore. Your income percentage potential is based on your promotional efforts and gross sales of your DollarStore. For example even one transaction per day can generate $150 a Month income. Please refer to our DollarStore Potential Revenue Calculator located at DollarStore.com for revenue examples.

Q. When do I receive my Commission, Referral Fee and Co-Op Check?

A. All the checks with the income statements are mailed on 10th of every subsequent month.

Q. Can I sell My DollarStore or transfer ownership to my kids children?

A. Yes, Your Ownership certificate has the assignment provision and just like any other asset you can transfer ownership to another person or group of people.

Q. Who get to keeps the goodwill for my DollarStore?.

A. This is your online DollarStore and any Added Value or Goodwill earned by your DollarStore is yours to keep.

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